Reduce support staff burden with the AI Chatbot for Shopify

Gobot leverages AI and machine learning to instantly answer customer questions 24/7, reducing support staff burden, slashing wait times, and boosting CSAT.

thousands of stores rely on gobot


1) Support staff overwhelmed with repetitive, low-level queries

2) Offline for more than 75% of the week (only online 9 am - 5 pm)

3) Customers wait 24-48 hours to get responses to their questions


1) Support staff burden significantly reduced, allowing for focus on more complex questions

2) Online 24/7/365, answering questions around the clock

3) Customers get instant responses to their questions and CSAT improves


resolution rate

Up to 98%

wait time reduction

5 days

to get up and running

Your customers expect instant answers

Customers have grown accustomed to living in an on-demand world with convenient and useful customer support.

Gobot keeps customers satisfied via fast, accurate, and personalized AI-powered responses to routine, repetitive questions. When needed or requested, Gobot can create a ticket in your existing help desk or hand over to a live chat operator using your existing live chat tool.
Reduce support rep burden
Empower your support staff to do what they do best - resolve complex, high value inqueries that require a human touch instead of dealing with boring, repetitive inqueries.
Slash wait time and raise CSAT
Gobot instantly responds to inquiries, entirely eliminating wait time. Gobot personalizes every interaction by taking into account each customer’s history to provide tailored and highly relevant answers.
Lower support costs
Leverage Gobot to deal with all of the repetitive support tickets that flood your help desk. When human assistance is required, chatbots still save time by collecting all the necessary information in advance.
By 2022, 70% of customer interactions will involve an emerging technology such as AI.*
*Gartner, Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center, May 2018
“I check Gobot every morning and give the Department executives monthly updates on the performance. I think it’s actually out performing our ‘Contact Us’ form.  It’s performing better than I could have imagined. The staff here see it as a couple hundred phone calls that they didn’t get on a daily basis. We still get calls, but I believe the chatbot is getting people the information that they need faster than humanly possible!”
LT. AJ Rotella
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
US's Largest Sheriff's Department, 20,000+ employees

Instantly answer questions, 24/7, with an intelligent AI support bot.

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Drive more sales with AI that helps customers find the right product(s).

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Asking a question via live chat
long wait


Asking a question via Gobot
instant answer and handoff if needed


Forced to fill out a support form
Customers wait 24-48 hours to get responses to their questions, and likely have already bought from your competitor by the time your team has responded.


Forced to fill out a support form
Roll out the red carpet, greet customers personally, and offer products complementary to their last order.


Asking a question during off-hours
no way to get in touch!


Asking a question during off-hours
Roll out the red carpet, greet customers personally, and offer products complementary to their last order.


Upon view of FAQ Page
no way to get in touch!


Upon view of FAQ Page
Roll out the red carpet, greet customers personally, and offer products complementary to their last order.


Upon view of FAQ Page
no way to get in touch!


Upon view of FAQ Page
Roll out the red carpet, greet customers personally, and offer products complementary to their last order.

Ultimate Guide To Support Automation

Learn how the most effective customer support organizations adopt intelligent AI support chatbots to deflect tickets, reduce wait time, and improve CSAT.

Easy drag n' drop answer builder

Even though we'll fully build and manage your chatbot for you, your team will have full access to Gobot's chatbot builder, enabling quick changes on the fly.
AI Answer Management
Easily visualize trained bot answers, categorize answers, and see connections between answers.
Conversations Overview
See your bot's conversations in real-time. Filter based on engagement and shopper persona.
Email Automation
Automatically send personalized emails, email sequences, and/or chat transcripts.

Gobot works seamlessly with your existing help desk

Gobot works with Zendesk, Gorgias, Salesforce, and many other solutions to allow for seamless escalation. Let Gobot serve as the front line of support, deflecting tickets and freeing up your support staff for higher value interactions.

Provide order status updates directly within your bot

Tired of being asked to track down your customer's products? Leverage Gobot's shipping carrier integrations to automatically display order status information.

Initiate returns and exchanges

Gobot's NLP detects when shoppers want to start a return and initiates the process.

Transform customer support from a cost to a profit center

Unlock new revenue with intelligent upsells, cross-sells, dynamic promotions, and more.

Deliver instant knowledge via a self-service knowledge base

Utilize a full page Knowledge Base as your store's FAQ hub.

Survey chatters to gauge satisfaction and gather feedback

Uncover valuable, in-the-moment insights with real-time, in-chat conversational surveys.

Connect Gobot to your systems

Gobot seamlessly connects with your existing stack.
You're in good company

Fast growing brands increase revenue and customer satisfaction with engaging Gobot chatbots.

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