How the world’s largest Sheriff’s Department is leveraging Gobot’s government chatbot to better serve the public

Gobot has added many virtual hands to the organization, addressing approximately 50% of public queries with our government service chatbot.

Lieutenant A.J. Rotella is the project manager for a major overhaul of the public website for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD), the nation’s largest sheriff’s department.  For A.J., the idea of using Gobot stemmed from the need to provide more with less – to better serve the community, while reducing costs.

“I check Gobot every morning and give the Department executives monthly updates on the performance. I think it’s actually out performing our ‘Contact Us’ form.  It’s performing better than I could have imagined. The staff here see it as a couple hundred phone calls that they didn’t get on a daily basis. We still get calls, but I believe the chatbot is getting people the information that they need faster than humanly possible!”

The LASD provides patrol services for 153 unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County, California and 42 cities. And if this was not enough, the LASD also provides courthouse security for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County and is responsible for the housing and transportation of inmates within the county jail system.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s transit division alone is the second largest transit police force in the world, aside from the New York City Police Department.  Needless to say, the LASD is usually brimming with activity.

Given its sheer size, the LASD has to be innovative to best serve its community.  The LASD has 20,000+ employees but it could always use more!

Gobot has added many virtual hands to the organization addressing approximately 50% of public queries with our government service chatbot.  This contribution allows LASD agents to pay more detailed attention to situations requiring critical human oversight.

LASD used Gobot to create an in-depth knowledge base allowing visitors to answer common questions.

Gobot Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Knowledge Base.

Most visitors, however, get their answers addressed directly by Gobot’s government service help bot on LASD’s website and the LASD app. The chatbot uses natural language processing to understand and answer visitor questions.

Gobot Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Chatbot.
LASD’s Website
LASD’s App

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