Drive more sales with the shoppable quiz platform for Shopify

Guide shoppers down engaging quiz sales funnels to boost conversions, grow your email/SMS list, increase AOV, and personalize marketing with customer profile data.

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Force shoppers to fend for themselves, aimlessly browse, and use complex filtering to find products.


Bring the VIP in-store consultation experience online. Learn each shopper's needs, guide them to the right product(s), and build buyer profiles to personalize marketing.
Simple, no code drag n' drop quiz builder
Instant Shopify product catalogue sync
Match your brand with design customization
Intelligent logic flows to personalize quiz
Robust customer profiling and analytics
Add to cart directly from quiz

Grow your email and SMS lists with high converting quiz opt-ins

Include an email and/or SMS opt-in opportunity at any point in your shoppable quiz. Sync collected data with Klaviyo, Drip, Postscript, Attentive, SMSBump, and many others.

Leverage deep customer profile data to personalize emails and SMS

Create more personalized, higher ROI email and SMS campaigns. Ask targeted questions to learn more about your customers and personalize your marketing based on their buyer profiles.

Increase retargeting ad conversion rate

Track custom Facebook Pixel and Google Ad events for answers and product recommendations. Personalize retargeting ads even for shoppers who don't complete your quiz.

Boost engagement by proactively drawing attention to your quiz

Proactively engage shoppers across critical junctures in the shopping journey and drive shoppers down your shoppable quiz funnel.

Shopify product sync

Gobot’s deep Shopify integration enables dynamic updating of your quiz product recommendations when you introduce new products and when inventory levels change.

Further increase average order value with post-recommendation offers

Present intelligent upsells, cross-sells, and bundles after shoppers are recommended specific products in the shoppable quiz.

Track quiz revenue and engagement

Gobot's robust analytics dashboard tracks attributable revenue, conversion rates, question by question engagement, dropoff, and more. Sync with Google Analytics for additional stats.

Designed with privacy in mind

Gobot was designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. Automatically track visitor consent, create compliance logs, include geographic bot triggers so data collection can be tailored to regions with heightened privacy requirements, and more.

Say hello to your Shopify store's new growth weapon

According to a recent Walker report, customer experience will overtake both price and product as the main differentiation between competitors this year. Personalization and automation are critical to the customer experience.  Bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar and ecommerce by simplifying the discovery process with Gobot's engaging, high converting shoppable quizzes.
"It creates a great way for me to recommend products to my customers in a dynamic way without being overwhelming to them."
Leah Carder
Rlntlss Industries

If your bot isn't able to answer question, it'll hand off to the right live chat agent.

Traditional live chat in the eCommerce setting often results in wasted time and money.
Given how much you invest drawing traffic to your store, you absolutely need a strategy to make sure your visitors buy before they leave.

Window shoppers ask lots of questions, expect immediate answers, but typically don’t buy enough to justify the time spent addressing their questions.

Drive more sales with shoppable quizzes

Learn more about how Gobot’s shoppable quizzes increase conversions and boost average order value.
You're in good company

Fast growing brands increase revenue and customer satisfaction with engaging Gobot chatbots.

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“Using Ollie made it easy to experiment with different layouts and design combinations. Within minutes, we were building a production-ready site.”
Christine Xiao
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“I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the template for our business. So much flexibility and variety. I've been having a blast creating our businesses website!”
Andrew Clinton
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“When I saw how easy it was to copy and paste the sections I was sold. Ollie has everything we needed and more to create a site for our client – we will be repeat users for sure.”
Benjamin Stanley
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