We help governments of all sizes increase efficiency and better serve citizens while reducing costs with AI chatbots.

Instantly answer public queries, automate repetitive tasks, slash wait times, and improve the citizen experience, 24/7, 365. A cost-friendly chatbot for your government's website and mobile app, loved by citizens and staff alike.


resolution rate

Up to 98%

citizen wait time reduction

5 days

to get up and running
"If the user calls the 311 line, they will need to call during service hours, which may or may not be convenient for the user. If the user visits the website, they can only search for the answers to their questions in the way that the city has already documented them. A good chatbot does not have either of these limitations."
-Atlanta Deputy Chief Information Officer Kirk Talbott
“I check Gobot every morning and give the Department executives monthly updates on the performance. I think it’s actually out performing our ‘Contact Us’ form.  It’s performing better than I could have imagined. The staff here see it as a couple hundred phone calls that they didn’t get on a daily basis. We still get calls, but I believe the chatbot is getting people the information that they need faster than humanly possible!”
LT. AJ Rotella
Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
US's Largest Sheriff's Department, 20,000+ employees


Confuse people with a website packed with information and obscure categories. No instant help, poor website search functionality, and long wait times.


Leverage an engaging chatbot to guide people to the information they're looking for, quickly. Reduce repetitive phone and email inquiries, and allow your staff to focus on more complex matters.
Recognize the need to modernize your government agency but don't know where to start? Chatbots present the perfect low risk, minimal cost and time investment opportunity to kickstart modernization. Increase operational efficiency, improve the citizen experience, lower costs, and boost employee engagement with Gobot.

Chatbots are a public expectation!

“Citizens already engage with the government across different channels, and their expectation is to receive the same quality of service across all channels.”

“Citizens have a growing expectation of being able to access government services via conversational applications.”
“A digital government strategy should make multichannel citizen engagement a foundation of service delivery.  This now needs to include conversational applications.”

Traffic to U.S. Government Websites During COVID-19 Outbreak

Gobot will help your staff keep up with the increase in

Display Gobot on your website/mobile app and trigger it via Facebook

Watch Gobot quickly become your most used communication channel.
On Your Website
Trigger Via Your Facebook Page
On Your Mobile App

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Enhance community engagement, efficiency, and customer service with AI chatbots for your government organization.

We partner with OCV, LLC

OCV, LLC is a leader in mobile app development for law enforcement, public safety, emergency management and public health agencies for over nine years. Serving over 40 states and Canada.

Why Your Agency Needs Gobot:

Increase public satisfaction by using AI to reduce the need to navigate a complex website or transactional portal and avoid long lines.
Improve the speed and effectiveness of your interactions with residents.  Reduce wait time and resources needed to respond to basic repetitive inquiries.
Communicate with the public using a channel the public is comfortable with and expects: instant messaging.
Quickly guide people to the right agency or department for the services they need.
Relieve your support staff.  Your chatbot is multilingual and automatically addresses repetitive questions, 24/7.
Free up government employees to manage the more complex requests.
Leverage chatbots to reduce costs and provide each citizen with personalized service.
Be prepared to address public inquiries during surge periods including emergencies such as COVID-19.
Leverage valuable chatbot analytics and intelligence to improve services and related work processes.

Your staff's time is valuable. Our team of chatbot pros will build and manage your bot for you.

We'll analyze your website/app and build your agency or department an intelligent virtual assistant chatbot using our conversational AI platform that gets smarter over time. Here's how it works:
We study your website/app to thoroughly understand your needs.

We'll do a deep dive into your materials and translate this knowledge into an actionable automation game plan.

We build a Gobot chatbot and set you up for ongoing success.

With our newfound understanding of your needs, we'll use the Gobot builder to build the perfect conversational AI virtual assistant chatbot.

We optimize performance by monitoring chatbot stats.

We'll keep a close eye on your chatbot's performance, watching its conversations, consistently providing suggested improvements, and sharing analytics.

Gobot Platform Features:

AI-Powered Help Suggestions

Gobot utilizes Natural Language Processing to analyze visitor queries and instantly deliver accurate responses. Reduce the burden on your team, and leverage their know how to focus on the more complex queries.

Powerful Chatbot Platform Built for Government. No Coding Required.

Even though we'll build and manage your bot for you, start to finish, you'll still have full access to Gobot's chatbot building platform.

Bot Builder

Gobot's robust drag-and-drop visual chatbot builder makes it easy for your team to update your bot on the fly.

Chat Logging

See all of your bot conversations and contacts in one central location. Easily review and filter chats.

Connect To Your Systems

Connect Gobot to your internal systems to allow your bot to pull in and push out data as necessary.

Custom Development

We're happy to build custom integrations and functionality to satisfy your agency's exact requirements.

Hand Off To Your Staff When Needed

If your bot is unable to answer a question, it can connect the chatter with the correct human staff member via email or phone. Gobot can automatically send a chat transcript with full context to your staff, and they can reply directly to that email. Gobot can also provide the chatter with the correct department's phone number.

Easily Create, Organize
& Publish Help Articles

Gobot's AI scans your content to intelligently suggest answers to people's questions. You can also leverage Gobot's full page Knowledge Base functionality as your website's public Help Center.

Gauge public opinion and collect feedback via chat polls

Allow members of the public to voice their opinions on important issues. Turn this feedback into actionable results.

Monitor and Capture Performance

Get chatbot performance reports. Analyze chatbot volumes, topics, unanswered vs. answered questions, abandonment rate, and more. Connect with Google Analytics for additional stats.

Customizable UI

We'll match your chatbot to your government agency's website and/or app. Customize sizing, coloring, positioning, spacing, and much more.

Designed With Privacy In Mind

Gobot was designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. Automatically track visitor consent, create compliance logs, include geographic bot triggers so data collection can be tailored to regions with heightened privacy requirements, and more.


Join our growing force of government agencies already using Gobot. Don't be left behind.