We help funeral homes dramatically reduce staff burden and drive more sales with AI chatbots

Leverage an AI chatbot on your funeral home website that answers questions, guides visitors, and books calls, 24/7. Gobot utilizes Natural Language Processing to analyze visitor queries and instantly deliver accurate responses.



resolution rate

Up to 98%

wait time reduction

2-4 weeks

to get up and running
"In short, today's funeral home managers must actively promote excellence in customer service if they are to keep in step with contemporary management philosophies. Those funeral homes that fall back on the status quo will find themselves falling behind in market share."
- Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D., Creating Excellence in Customer Service: A Mandate for Funeral Homes


Confuse people with a website packed with information and obscure categories. No instant help, poor website search functionality, and long wait times.


Leverage an engaging chatbot to guide people to the information they're looking for, quickly. Reduce repetitive phone and email inquiries, and allow your staff to focus on more complex matters.

Works With All Platforms and Custom Sites

...and all others!

Your staff's time is valuable. Our team of chatbot pros will build and manage your bot for you.

We'll analyze your website and build you an intelligent virtual assistant chatbot using our conversational AI platform that gets smarter over time. Here's how it works:
We study your website/app to thoroughly understand your needs.

We'll do a deep dive into your materials and translate this knowledge into an actionable automation game plan.

We build a Gobot chatbot and set you up for ongoing success.

With our newfound understanding of your needs, we'll use the Gobot builder to build the perfect conversational AI virtual assistant chatbot.

We optimize performance by monitoring chatbot stats.

We'll keep a close eye on your chatbot's performance, watching its conversations, consistently providing suggested improvements, and sharing analytics.

Gobot Platform Features:

Powerful Chatbot Platform Built for Funeral Homes. No Coding Required.

Even though we'll build and manage your bot for you, start to finish, you'll still have full access to Gobot's chatbot building platform.

Bot Builder

Gobot's robust drag-and-drop visual chatbot builder makes it easy for your team to update your bot on the fly.

Chat Logging

See all of your bot conversations and contacts in one central location. Easily review and filter chats.

Connect To Your Systems

Connect Gobot to your internal systems to allow your bot to pull in and push out data as necessary.

Custom Development

We're happy to build custom integrations and functionality to satisfy your exact requirements.

Hand Off To Your Staff When Needed

If your bot is unable to answer a question, it can connect the chatter with the correct human staff member via email or phone. Gobot can automatically send a chat transcript with full context to your staff, and they can reply directly to that email. Gobot can also provide the chatter with the correct department's phone number.

Easily Create, Organize
& Publish Help Articles

Gobot's AI scans your content to intelligently suggest answers to people's questions. You can also leverage Gobot's full page Knowledge Base functionality as your website's public Help Center.

Gauge public opinion and collect feedback via chat polls

Allow members of the public to voice their opinions on important issues. Turn this feedback into actionable results.

Monitor and Capture Performance

Get chatbot performance reports. Analyze chatbot volumes, topics, unanswered vs. answered questions, abandonment rate, and more. Connect with Google Analytics for additional stats.

Customizable UI

We'll match your chatbot to your funeral home's website. Customize sizing, coloring, positioning, spacing, and much more.

Designed With Privacy In Mind

Gobot was designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. Automatically track visitor consent, create compliance logs, include geographic bot triggers so data collection can be tailored to regions with heightened privacy requirements, and more.