How will Gobot look on my site?

Instantly chat with visitors when they are most likely to convert

Gobot detects visitor behavior and sends your interactive messages at the perfect place and time.

  • url/keyword icon

    Specific URL/Keyword

    Display your Gobot on specific URLs, and don't show it on others.

  • visitor referral icon

    Visitor Referral

    Engage visitors referred from a specific page.

  • exit trigger icon

    Exit Trigger

    Boost conversions by engaging visitors who are about to leave.

  • time on page icon

    Time On Page

    Engage visitors after a certain amount of time has passed.

  • returning visitor icon

    Returning Visitor

    Convert your returning leads with on-site retargeting.

  • time frame icon

    Time Frame

    Engage visitors based on factors like date and time.

  • scroll point icon

    Scroll Point

    Engage visitors who scroll down to a certain point.

  • geographical icon


    Target visitors by their location and further boost conversions.

Build a high converting Gobot in minutes. No bot training necessary!

Gobot's powerful yet dead simple drag & drop builder allows you to easily build high converting Gobots that match your website's style in minutes.


Easily View Responses and Performance Stats

Visualize where people are dropping off, view email conversion rate, download a CSV of collected user responses, study survey results, and much more. Easily connect your Google Analytics account to track time on page.


Grow my site's conversions, sales and traffic

Gobot is 100% free during beta and will offer a free plan post beta. Start gaining an edge over all of your competitors!

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