Platform Overview

See why Gobot is the Shopify merchant's chatbot platform of choice.
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The only chatbot platform built specifically for Shopify merchants

Revenue Attribution

Gobot tracks all products that are purchased as a result of interaction with your chatbot. Tracking revenue provides real feedback as to how your chatbot is contributing to your sales.

Cart Abandonment

Automatically sense when customers are abandoning their carts and offer to address any purchase gating concerns before they leave your store!

Contact Sync

Gobot syncs all customer information collected by your chatbot with your Shopify store.

Order Status

Use your chatbot to automatically update visitors as to their order status. Gobot integrates with top shipping carriers.

Present perfectly
curated products

Products recommendations are based on shopper's expressed preferences, and are automatically synced with your store's product inventory.

Pull products into your chatbot flow with the click of a button

Your chatbot is automatically updated to reflect changes you make in your Shopify store. For example, when a product price changes in your store all references to that product in chat are automatically updated consistently.

Sync product Collections

Easily pull entire product collections into a product carousel in your chatbot.

Product quick replies

Easily generate quick replies with products from your store as the choices.

Instant bot creation

Shop now functionality automatically replicates your category/product organization within your chatbot with the click of a button.

Intuitive Shopify chatbot builder

Even though we'll fully build and manage your chatbot for you, your team will have full access to Gobot's chatbot builder, enabling quick changes on the fly.
AI Answer Management
Easily visualize trained bot answers, categorize answers, and see connections between answers.
Conversations Overview
See your bot's conversations in real-time. Filter based on engagement and shopper persona.
Email Automation
Automatically send personalized emails, email sequences, and/or chat transcripts.

Easily create, organize & publish help articles

Gobot uses this help content to intelligently suggest answers to customer questions. You can also leverage Gobot's full page Knowledge Base as your website's public Help Center.

Measure your success

Reveal how shoppers are responding to your chatbot. Report chat volume, popular topics, unanswered vs. answered questions, attributable revenue, abandonment rate, and more. Connect with Google Analytics for additional stats.

Connect Gobot to your systems

Gobot seamlessly connects to your existing support ticketing solution, loyalty program, review program, email marketing solution, and much more.

Speak every customer's language

Automatically detect chatter's locations and adapt chat language as necessary.

Customizable UI

Match Gobot to your brand's design in minutes. Customize sizing, coloring, positioning, spacing, and much more. Utilize smart triggers to determine when, where, and for who your bot appears.

Designed with privacy in mind

Gobot was designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. Automatically track visitor consent, create compliance logs, include geographic bot triggers so data collection can be tailored to regions with heightened privacy requirements, and more.

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