Automatically Qualify Leads and Book Meetings With A Chatbot

Book Meetings And Qualify Leads With A Chatbot

Have you ever played email ping pong when attempting to qualify leads and book meetings?  

You know what I mean!

Here’s an example:

Email 1: Hi Dave. Are you free this week to discuss Service X?

Reply email: Sure, I am flexible.

Email 2: That’s great, Dave. How is your morning on Wed. the 14th?

Reply email: Ugh, sorry I am booked that morning. When is good for you?

Email 3: How about Friday the 16th at 10am ET?

Reply email: Friday works but can you do 1pm ET?

Email 4: We are getting close! How about 2pm ET?

Look familiar?  

How is it that such a simple thing like booking a qualified meeting could take 10 back and forth emails and extend over more than a week?

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Are chatbots GDPR compliant?

Are chatbots GDPR compliant?

Compliance with GDPR, Europe’s recently implemented major privacy regulation, is proving extremely challenging and onerous to companies of all shapes and sizes.  

Any company that does business in Europe or with European customers is affected – no ifs or buts about it.

There has been much talk about the tremendous work created by the new rule but very little about technical solutions facilitating compliance.   

This article focuses on chatbots and how they are well suited to significantly facilitate compliance with GDPR in several ways.

Excited yet?

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Use Chatbots To Automatically Answer Repetitive Questions

Self help can be a life saver.  

As they say, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime!  

We expect to see more and more websites utilizing self help widgets, absolutely, no doubt, as many visitors actually prefer to help themselves.

There are a handful of help widgets out there.  

The good ones are expensive, yet quite useful.

Typically, they appear as a Help tab or button on a website.  

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How to Increase Customer Engagement On Your Website With Chatbots

Engagement is a crucial part of your marketing efforts.

Webster’s Dictionary defines engagement as “emotional involvement or commitment.” 

An engaged visitor is more likely to become an empowered visitor, and an empowered visitor is in a position to effectuate change.  

And the change all website owners are looking for in their website visitors is the change from browser or “window shopper” to an active customer or subscriber!

If you can get your audience to engage with your brand, your audience will be far more likely to buy from you.  

It is common to define engagement by specific actions, such as users clicking on a video, hearting, or leaving a comment on a blog post.

With chatbots, however, engagement is more obvious.  Rather than just receiving comments or playing a video, a chatbot can actually converse with your customers.

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How Does Personalized Marketing Increase Ecommerce Sales?

How Does Personalized Marketing Increase Ecommerce Sales?

Providing your customers with a personalized experience is one of the best ways to inspire customer loyalty, and chatbots are the most effective way to improve your personalized marketing endeavors.

A website standing alone isn’t typically sufficient to make your brand personal.  A chatbot, on the other hand, can provide a “human” touch for your brand.

I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms – a chatbot more “human”?

Yes, absolutely!

A chatbot can engage a customer on a first name basis, and when addressing your customer, a chatbot can use the information previously gathered to advertise other products of probable interest. 

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Gather Tremendous Customer Insights With Intelligent Chatbots That Specialize in Guided Selling, Polling, Feedback, and Social Sharing!

Gather Tremendous Customer Insights With Intelligent Chatbots That Specialize in Guided Selling, Polling, Feedback, and Social Sharing!

One of the most powerful abilities a chatbot has is that it can gather customer insights.  

By monitoring your customer’s patterns, you can discover which products or services they prefer.

You may even uncover some common issues your visitors encounter when using your site.

“If there’s one reason we have done better than of our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter, I think, in any business. It certainly matters online, where word of mouth is so very, very powerful.” ~ Jeff Bezos

We totally agree with Mr. Bezos, but note that he did not share with the world his methods for monitoring the customer experience (at least not in this quote!).  

The devil, of course, is in the details…and we are confident that the “details”, or secret sauce, for many future companies, are chatbots that gather customer insights.

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