Ecommerce Quiz: How to use an ecommerce quiz to drive more sales, opt-ins, and personalization

Gobot’s conversational ecommerce quiz for ecommerce will become the #1 way you collect opt-ins and personalize your marketing with buyer profile data.

Designed to bring the in-store retail experience to online stores, the ecommerce quiz makes shopping fun and gives your customers the necessary confidence to purchase your products.

Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz does this by engaging in a conversation with your shoppers so as to recommend products, and collects detailed buyer profile data along the way. 

This robust buyer profile data enables you to recommend highly relevant products while shoppers are still onsite and also retarget shoppers with extremely personalized follow-up messaging.

Per Accenture Interactive, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. Further, 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to enable a personalized shopping experience. This is compelling data that every ecommerce store should be actively contemplating.

Traditional ecommerce vs Conversational commerce

Yet, and notwithstanding the above, the Ecommerce Quiz has historically been somewhat slow in penetrating the world of ecommerce. 

Why? At Gobot we’ve been expanding our chatbot offering to include guided selling functionality, and so we interviewed ecommerce stores using Gobot for support to better understand their opinions as to Ecommerce Quizzes, a natural extension of our offering. 

The goal was to leverage these learnings and build by far the highest converting, most engaging and beautiful Ecommerce Quiz on the market!

Here’s what we discovered:

ECommerce Quizzes are costly and time consuming to set up.  Even apps with good quiz builders suffer from this reality – high converting quizzes require time and effort to create and get properly set up.  They also require a lot of tedious ongoing effort to manage and adapt as a store’s offering changes.

Gobot’s research team’s takeaways:

  • First, the ECommerce Quiz needs a deep Shopify integration enabling automatic product syncing and quiz updates as the store inventory changes. 
Shopify Product Sync
  • Second, Ecommerce Quizzes need to come with a white glove service to get the quiz set up and fully integrated into a store’s stack with minimal customer effort.
  • Third, the quiz builder needs to be super intuitive so that customers can make tweaks, e.g.,  add new questions or images, independently and on the fly even if they are leveraging the white glove service.

Existing Ecommerce Quizzes don’t collect opt-ins and don’t typically communicate with important marketing tools such as email and SMS marketing tools. After all, what use is all the customer profile data collected by your quiz if you can’t fully leverage it for retargeting?

Gobot’s research team’s takeaways:

  • Gobot needs quiz integrations with all of the top eCRMs and ecommerce email/SMS platforms enabling the passing of both email/phone numbers and buyer profile data collected by the quiz.
  • Further, the Ecommerce Quiz needs to collect opt-ins in a smart way.

Existing Ecommerce Quiz UI usually does not live up to a store’s aesthetic standards and the typical series of back-to-back multiple choice questions is rather robotic.

Gobot’s research team’s takeaways:

  • The solution is an Ecommerce Quiz that is beautiful and truly conversational – not just a series of multiple choice questions.

Existing Ecommerce Quizzes are wallflowers and often don’t draw real engagement.  Stores attempt to boost engagement in various ways but all at a cost.  For example, some stores use an eye catching banner, and give up valuable main banner real estate, to draw quiz engagement.

Gobot’s research team’s takeaways: 

  • ecommerce stores need a Ecommerce Quiz that is not only multi-channel but also one that is proactive and naturally draws attention.

We processed all of the above, put it through the Gobot meat grinder, and served up a juicy, mouth watering, and totally reinvented Ecommerce Quiz for Shopify, Gobot style! 

And the positive feedback has been tremendous.

Gobot’s redesign of the Ecommerce Quiz is making waves:

Besame Shoppable Quiz Step #1
Besame Shoppable Quiz Other Steps

The in-depth online consultation provided by Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz truly alters the ecommerce space from a searching experience to a personalized, conversational and helpful experience.

Gobot’s Conversational Ecommerce Quiz brings the retail consultation experience online with a personalised shopping experience.

First off, Gobot’s Conversational Ecommerce Quiz is much more engaging and helpful than your generic ecommerce quiz, which usually is just a series of multiple choice questions. 

While Gobot’s quiz also, of course, includes questions designed to enable smart recommendations and personalization, the questions are integrated in a conversation that can take multiple paths and includes back and forth that can add color to the conversation and the questions asked.

Conversational ecommerce Quiz Example

Saying that people are totally comfortable with messaging is an understatement – they literally have a Pavlovian response upon being pinged.  This physiological reaction boosts engagement with Gobot’s Conversational Ecommerce Quiz as compared to other generic Ecommerce quizzes. 

In fact, Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz messaging format not only is more engaging – it’s more practical.  It allows you to leverage Gobot’s AI automated support functionality to address open questions on the fly.

Plus, the messaging format inherently makes your quiz multi-channel, which is necessary for today’s modern store.  You can run the same quiz simultaneously directly embedded in your website and in your chat window with all the stats coming together in one dash.

Secondly, Gobot’s Conversational Ecommerce Quiz is deeply integrated with Shopify.  This makes it super easy to pull product recommendations into the quiz, and these recommendations stay up to date even as your store inventory changes. For example, out-of-stock items won’t appear as quiz results, images will update and prices will always be accurate.

Shopify Product Sync Example

Further, relevant product recommendations will auto-populate your Ecommerce Quiz recommendations based on rules you’ve set in Gobot – so you don’t need to individually populate results or recommendations pages for your quiz or continuously update your quiz as your offering changes.

Third, Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz was designed to be incredibly effective in expanding your email/SMS marketing lists. 

Weaving optional opt-in requests into the quiz-based conversation makes it much more natural for a shopper to share his or her email or telephone number. This information is automatically passed to the major email and SMS marketing platforms.

Gobot Shoppable Quiz Email and SMS Integrations

With Gobot’s advanced Ecommerce Quiz logic, Shopify stores can ask customers key questions to build buyer profiles and use personalised messaging across email and SMS to recommend products and build rapport — all in one platform.

With every Ecommerce Quiz, your store collects buyer profile insights that can be used for personalized messaging and retargeting.

At any point in the Ecommerce Quiz, you can ask customers to opt in to email or SMS communication. All of this data gets saved to Gobot and can be used with your integrated apps, such as Klaviyo, Attentive, Postscript, and many more.

Now instead of re-marketing to customers based on generic data such as page views, stores can start to implement a real buyer persona marketing strategy.

Finally, Gobot is fully white glove! This means your quiz can be set up for you and fully managed + optimized going forward.  Our Ecommerce Quiz experts will leverage our design and conversion optimization experience to make sure your Ecommerce Quizzes perform.

Gobot White Glove Team

Gobot’s Conversational Ecommerce Quizzes = Real Personalization

Gobot addresses the most common commerce scenario. 

Picture walking into a beauty store to buy some face moisturizer.  You are really careful about making a selection because the absolute last thing you want right now is for your face to break out! So, what do you do? You consult with an in-store expert, of course.

With that said, the expert is no magician or mind reader, so she will ask you questions about your skin type, your daily routine, etc., and then ultimately recommend the right products for you. Sound familiar?

The online shopping experience is usually much different. There’s no one there to assist in the same way.  The live chat reps are helpful with returns and other customer service related issues but they are not usually steeped in the product.  You’re not confident enough to purchase, so you bounce.

Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz addresses this problem.

By enabling a virtual expert consultation, ecommerce stores can use Gobot’s Ecommerce Quizzes to curate the right products for every shopper and make them feel confident enough to purchase.

Importantly, in exchange for this complimentary consultation, your business gets to know your customers at a whole new level, and you can leverage this valuable buyer profile data to maintain and grow your relationship with your customers. 

Examples strategies as to how you can use Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz:

  • Chat with shoppers, remember all of their responses, and recommend a curated set of products just for them.  Learn new information about customers that you could only know by asking them directly!
  • Collect email and SMS opt-ins.  Send a personalized welcome email based on the expressed needs and preferences of your shoppers.
  • Track custom Google Ads and Facebook pixel events for answers and product recommendations. Even for those shoppers that don’t complete your Ecommerce Quiz, you can still personalize the retargeting ads.  Automatically create look-a-like audiences on Facebook for important customer segments.
  • Personalize Facebook and Instagram ads to match exactly what your shoppers are currently focused on or trying to solve.  Create a campaign for a new product to shoppers and or customers who have expressed an aligning interest.

To elaborate a bit, imagine new shoppers taking your Ecommerce Quiz.  If you discover particular preferences or tastes, e.g., favorite scent is vanilla, you can start to show those shoppers versions of ads that focus on that preference.

Further, if you learn that certain shoppers have actually never used a product like yours before, you could follow up by sending them educational emails about your products automatically.

The possibilities for how you can strategically use this valuable shopper data to increase revenue and provide more personalized and positive experiences are truly limitless. 

You can deeply personalize your SMS automation for higher engagement rates

Aside from email and ads, you can leverage what you learn about shoppers via your Ecommerce Quiz in all of your SMS marketing campaigns.

It’s always a great start to ask customers if they’re interested in opting in to your email or SMS channels during the Ecommerce Quiz with an incentive such as a discount. This will seriously boost your subscriber list, and you can immediately follow up with those customers with the discount presented in your message. 

Gobot Attentive Postscript SMSBump Integrations

Based on how your shoppers responded to your Ecommerce Quiz, you can send targeted messages through these channels.

For example, say you’re selling beauty products and you’ve learned from an Ecommerce Quiz user that they have dry skin. Once they opt in to SMS, you can follow up with a product recommendation for dry skin and offer a discount for them to purchase that product. 

5 ways your ecommerce store can leverage Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz

There are many ways ecommerce stores can use Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz. Whether your primary goal is to recommend products to boost sales or increase opt-ins, you can let your creative juices flow freely as to how you implement your Ecommerce Quiz.

Here are some ways Gobot users have leveraged our Ecommerce Quiz:

Recommend products: Engage shoppers in a real conversation as to their preferences, needs, challenges and desired outcomes to recommend the perfect products.

Size finder: Help shoppers find the right size for bras, rings, suits and so much more at your store with your Ecommerce Quiz.

Gift finder: Assist visitors find the perfect gift for any person or event.  Ask questions about who and what they’re shopping for.

Conversational opt-in page: Using an incentive, such as a discount or free offering, increase your marketing opt-ins to email or SMS by building an interactive webpage where customers can choose how they want to receive the incentive.

Persona identification: Ask customers engaging questions about their personality to match them with a persona. Recommend products based on their persona match.

Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz bridges the massive gap between brick-and-mortar and ecommerce with advanced technology that allows for deep personalization. 

This functionality has previously only been available at the enterprise level. Gobot is sharing this same technology with ecommerce stores that haven’t had access to it before, giving merchants the tools to learn who their customers are and personalize every message and recommendation based on their buyer profile.

By identifying these personas, merchants can intelligently recommend products that give shoppers the confidence they need to make the right purchase – both boosting sales and reducing returns and exchanges!

Gobot’s Ecommerce Quiz is your solution to personalized marketing, buyer profiling, and scaling your ecommerce business. 

Pick a time here to hop on a discovery call!

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