The Ultimate List Of Live Chat Software Reviews

The Ultimate List Of Live Chat Software Reviews

We get requests from our customers for live chat, help desk and e-commerce platforms all of the time and feel obligated to provide some guidance. 

When it came to live chat and help desk functionality, we made a strategic decision at Gobot NOT to build it!

Instead, we decided to build the best support and guided selling conversational experiences out there and offer seamless handoff to existing third party live chat and helpdesk providers.

Why did we take this approach?

Well, to be frank we wanted to focus on what we do best – automation! Also, we noticed that the bots offered by most live chat companies are bare bones basic bots that don’t work cross-platform.

So this means they offer limited functionality and also won’t come with you if you ever change live chat and/or helpdesks – we didn’t want to become that!

Using Gobot makes transitioning live chat and helpdesk systems less risky as it means you won’t have to rework all of your support and guided selling automations if/when you switch systems as your company grows.

It also means you get the benefit of a true automation platform rather than have to rely on an “add on” bare bones chatbot that some helpdesk/live chat companies offer.

With all that said, when our customers ask about which live chat and/or helpdesk to go with we want to provide some help.  

We also get requests for our opinion as to e-commerce website platforms. 

And while Gobot flaunts a deep integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress and Weebly, there are many good e-commerce website builders out there. 

When we did our research it became clear that it was hard to get unbiased information as to these platforms.

Many companies put out biased comparison charts comparing their offering to that of their competitors.

Others also generate revenue as affiliates recommending software to their customers.  

That’s not us.

At the same time, however, we don’t want to ignore our customers when they ask for recommendations.

We decided to offer something of more value to our customers in their search for the right live chat software for their e-commerce store and/or e-commerce platform.

In the table below we’ve compiled third-party reviews and comparisons of different live chat and e-commerce platform offerings.

We don’t comment on them other than to highlight any perceived bias or conflict that you may want to be aware of before completely relying on the ratings presented.  

Gobot does not currently have a relationship with any of the reviewers listed below.

There are many sponsored reports put out by live chat companies or their affiliates.  

These reports are often quite biased so we opted not to include them in our table at all.

Affiliates often put out useful content but they may be motivated to rank products they are pushing higher.  

Similarly, there are many review journals out there that rank products and provide useful information.

You just need to be aware that some of the rankings may be influenced by how much the service being ranked was willing to pay to be ranked.  

We refer to these sources as Advertisers in our table.  

Sometimes reviewers share with readers possible conflicts or their general approach to conflicts.  

We include those disclosures because we believe they are important to understand before you rely on a review.

Best of luck in your search!

Top Live Chat & ECommerce Platform Reviews:

Live Chat ReviewE-Commerce Platform ReviewDateMotivation for writing review (which may reveal possible bias or conflict)
G2 Live ChatG2 Ecommerce PlatformsNot providedClaims to be independent - click here for community guidelines. (live chat) NoneNot providedClaims to be independent - click here for disclosure.
TrustRadius (live chat) TrustRadius (Ecommerce platforms) Not providedClaims to be independent. Revenue generated by providing vendors access to reviews on their own channels. Click here for info.
Tooltester Live Chat Tooltester E-CommerceJanuary 2019 and Unknown dateAffiliates
Ecommerce platforms (live chat) Ecommerce platforms (website builders) September 2018
and March 2019
BestLiveChatSoftware (live chat) NoneNot provided
Affiliates (click here for disclosure)
Livechatlabs (live chat) NoneNot provided
Affiliates (click here for disclosure)
SoftwareAdvice (live chat) SoftwareAdvice (Ecommerce platforms) Not provided
Advertisers (click here for disclosure)
PatResearch (live chat) PatResearch (Ecommerce platforms) Not providedAdvertisers (click here for disclosure)
Capterra (live chat) Capterra (store builders) Not provided
Advertisers (live chat) (Ecommerce platforms) December 2017 and January 2019
(click here for disclosure)
FounderKit (live chat) FounderKit (Ecommerce platforms) Not provided

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