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Gift Finder: How To Grow ECommerce Sales This Holiday Season

Expect to see a 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas/holiday season surge of the ecommerce gift finder quiz.

Most people love receiving gifts and, perhaps with an equal passion, hate shopping for them! 

In fact, according to the annual Online Shopping Study from Pitney Bowes, six in 10 online holiday shoppers are dissatisfied with their holiday shopping experience and this is almost double the percentage from just four years ago.

Further, per Coinstar’s Holiday Survey, shopping induced stress is higher than ever. Simply put, there is too much to choose from and many online stores don’t make selecting the right gift easy enough (let alone fun).

Holiday Gift Shopping - Trouble Deciding Which Gift To Buy

On top of this, the Covid-19 pandemic acts as a stress multiplier, for sure.

MasterCard reported that 2019 holiday ecommerce sales accounted for 14.6 percent of total retail spending.

Given how much Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the Christmas/holiday season means to stores, why aren’t they catering to gift givers with gift finders?

The answer is actually pretty straightforward.  Merchants design their online stores to make shopping comfortable, easy, and fun for their shoppers, who during the majority of the year are typically shopping for themselves.

The shopping focus shifts during the Christmas/holiday season from “shop for me” to “shop for others” but many online stores are not willing to completely redesign the flow of their stores to account for this shift in buying patterns triggered by holidays. 

As a compromise, stores typically include gift categories in a store header and use Black Friday/Cyber Monday and holiday themed banners. These gift collections, however, are often hard to spot in a busy store. 

Hard time finding the Christmas item banner

Further, banners may draw attention to various holiday offerings or specials, but they are not designed to create a new flow to the shopping experience focused on the gift shopper.

A subset of stores do take the gift shopper experience to the next level by incorporating a shoppable gift finder quiz into their Shopify stores. 

Shopify Shoppable quizzes in general, including gift finder/gift guide quizzes, are amazing at boosting sales by guiding shoppers to the right product. 

Gobot Conversational Shop Quiz Example

Stores also leverage shop quiz gift finders to boost engagement & opt-ins, and to collect valuable customer profile data.  When it comes to gift shoppers, however, shop quiz gift finder results are even more impressive because engagement is higher. 

Gift shoppers are desperate for anything that will facilitate their shopping experience and are more than willing to answer a couple of gift finder quiz questions in exchange for some great gift recommendations.  

Given all the benefits of a shoppable gift finder/gift guide quiz you’d think every store would be leveraging one, especially during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the holidays, right?  This is not the case, and after consulting with our ecommerce clients, the reasons for slow adoption of these quizzes became clear.

These gift finder quizzes suffer from a number of drawbacks including:

  • Shopify Shoppable Quizzes are costly and time consuming to set up.  Even apps with good quiz builders suffer from this reality – high converting quizzes require time and effort to create and get properly set up. They also require a lot of tedious ongoing effort to manage and adapt as a store’s offering changes. Further, they are not typically integrated into the store’s tech stack.
  • Existing Shopify Shoppable Quizzes are wallflowers and often don’t draw sufficient engagement.  Stores attempt to boost engagement in various ways but all at a cost.  For example, some stores use an eye catching banner, and give up valuable main banner real estate, to draw quiz engagement.

It’s all about customer engagement…

Gobot’s Shopify gift finder quiz was specifically designed to overcome these drawbacks. 

Check out how Gobot is being used by Blush & Bar – an online jewelry store offering unconditional life-time returns and built on the premise that accessorizing your life with great-looking jewelry shouldn’t have to break the bank!

First off, you will note that we’ve integrated the quiz directly into an existing communication channel, the chat channel, dramatically boosting conversion.

Saying that people are totally comfortable with messaging is an understatement – they literally have a Pavlovian response upon being pinged.  This physiological reaction boosts engagement with Gobot’s Conversational Shoppable Quiz as compared to other generic shoppable quizzes.

Plus, as Statista predicts, mobile sales will continually be on the rise till the year 2021 in the US. and we all know that mobile+messaging is a match made in heaven.

We also wove the gift finder flows in various branches of the conversation to further boost engagement.  Up front and center there is a “Gift ideas!” quick reply that guides shoppers to gift cards and various gift collections.  

Blush & Bar Gobot Chatbot Example #1

When a shopper clicks “Find me the perfect ring!” a conversational quiz ensues. Shoppers are asked upfront if they are shopping for themselves or for others.

Blush & Bar Gobot Gift Finder Chatbot Example #2

If they select “For someone else” the guided shopping experience is tailored – as it should be – for a gift shopper.

Blush & Bar Gobot Chatbot Example #3

Conversational gift finder quizzes are not only more engaging and meter out a good dose of messaging dopamine, they serve a practical purpose too. 

What if a shopper has a lingering question along the way?  Easy. Gobot can answer it to make sure the shopper remains engaged and actually purchases the quiz product recommendation.  

Blush & Bar Gobot Chatbot Embedded

Blush & Bar’s quiz tags shoppers based on their responses and sends all of this valuable customer profile data directly to Klaviyo. 

Use Shoppable Quizzes To Collect Buyer Profile Data and Pass It Into Klaviyo

This enables Blush & Bar to send tailored email and/or SMS messages with full knowledge, at minimum, as to who a shopper is shopping for and what occasion.

It’s all about the service…

Like all successful ECommerce stores, Blush & Bar and its staff are super busy. So you might be wondering how they made time to implement their gift finder quiz. 

The answer is they didn’t need to.  Blush & Bar leveraged Gobot’s white glove service to design, implement, optimize and manage their quiz. 

Gobot not only provides a software platform, it offers a team of conversion specialists that will keep your quiz fresh on a seasonal basis and work with your marketing team to help them leverage the data generated by your quiz. 

Gobot White Glove Service #1
Gobot White Glove Service #2
Gobot White Glove Service #3

So this Christmas/holiday season go beyond basic category filters or curated lists and instead offer up a much higher converting, more dynamic, and more personalized gift shopping experience. Implementing a unique and engaging gift finder quiz experience will make your Black Friday/Cyber Monday and holiday campaigns stand out and make your store the gift shopping destination. 

Want to learn more about how shop quizzes will grow your Shopify store’s sales? Let’s chat! Book a 15 minute discovery call here.

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