How Does Personalized Marketing Increase Ecommerce Sales?

How Does Personalized Marketing Increase Ecommerce Sales?

Providing your customers with a personalized experience is one of the best ways to inspire customer loyalty, and chatbots are the most effective way to improve your personalized marketing endeavors.

A website standing alone isn’t typically sufficient to make your brand personal.  A chatbot, on the other hand, can provide a “human” touch for your brand.

I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms – a chatbot more “human”?

Yes, absolutely!

A chatbot can engage a customer on a first name basis, and when addressing your customer, a chatbot can use the information previously gathered to advertise other products of probable interest. 

This is personalized marketing at its finest.

That’s a big deal, given that nearly “nine out of ten consumers say personalization has an impact on their buying decisions.”  

And so with a chatbot as charismatic as Gobot, you see, the entire world is your oyster! Would you like some lemon and cocktail sauce with that?

OK, so play with me, imagine you are the owner of a food blog. You recently posted an amazing spicy shrimp recipe – yum!

The color and consistency of the glistening orange sauce gets all your readers salivating.  Interactions with your readers, however, have made you aware of a major hesitation regarding this dish – it’s jalapeno spiciness factor!  

Notwithstanding this concern, you absolutely want to feature this dish true to its original form, because of its high scores.

You decide to post the recipe with a small disclaimer. Enter the world of chatbots!

You trigger your chatbot to appear just above the comments about how crazy spicy the dish is:

Gobot: This dish was rated No. 1 by my readers.

Warning: Spice level is not for the faint hearted!

Would you prefer a less spicy alternative?

User chooses:

  1.           Yes, please
  2.           No thanks, LOVE the heat!

Users that click b) are thanked graciously and perhaps provided links to even hotter recipes!

Those users that click on a) are directed to a very similar recipe which has been tailored to those who are more sensitive in the spice department.

Gobot then reappears…

Gobot: OK, check out this more mild recipe!

Gobot: And, hey by the way…

What does a nosey pepper do? (3 second pause)

Gets jalapeno business!

(translation = Gets Jal…ap…en…o business or all..up…in..your business!)

OK, OK, go easy on me for God’s sake!

Just tryin’ to share the love ;).

Now, how much more personalized can you get than that?!  You anticipate a reader’s needs (i.e., a less spicy alternative), you cater to his/her needs, and then you crack a cheesy joke on the very subject you are conversing about!  

With chatbots, the personalized marketing possibilities are truly endless and expansive!

Chatbots are not only great conversationalists – they’re punctual and never miss a date! 

I suggest you leverage that respectable feature to further boost your personalized marketing efforts.  

When you set up your Gobot chatbot, the trigger page allows you to decide a date or time range for Gobot to appear.  

Date Trigger

In other words, you can set up a chatbot to appear on any URL and limit its appearance to certain dates and times.  

Gobot URL Trigger

Set up a Gobot with lots of cheer and season’s greetings during the holiday season, or with a bold HAPPY NEW YEAR! for visitors landing on your URL on Jan. 1-5.

We should absolutely use all the information we have about our visitors to cater to them.

In the above example, Gobot leverages the holiday season to connect…but this is just the tip of the personalized marketing iceberg!  

Chatbots also know when your visitors have arrived on your site via some sort of advertising, e.g., AdWords, or even a link you’ve placed on another site. These bots can also personalize content based on visitor location, scroll point, cursor movement, and more.

Referral Trigger

 Geographic Trigger

Scroll Trigger

Exit Trigger

The source of your visitor’s referral will provide a clue as to his reason for visiting, which means you can tailor your chatbot’s script accordingly.

As Sujan Patel points out on his Guide to Using Live Chat to Grow Your Business, the advantage of this is that you can essentially turn every page on your site “into a prospective landing page.” specifically lead-gen landing pages, which are used to collect user information that will enable you to market to, and connect with, the prospect at a later time.

Given how HUGE this chatbot capability is, let’s spice up this next example a bit, or better yet let’s smoke!  

You are the king of smoked meat, chicken, pork, salmon, you name it. One of the products you sell is a smoker’s delight spice rub that is, well, awesome!  

You advertise your dry rub on a number of barbeque range websites – a small ad with a photo of your rub product. Clicking on your ad brings potential customers to your landing site for your rub, which details the ingredients, has great customer testimonials, the works.  Gobot appears.

Gobot: Howdy, meat lover!

This magic rub will make your meat smokin’ sing!

If you are also on the market for a range…Consider model xxx (

It’s a solid choice for guys who love smoked meat but don’t want a separate smoker.

It has a great wood chip smoker container included!

As they say, knowledge is power, right?

In this case, you know quite a bit about your visitor and you leverage that knowledge to improve your personalized marketing efforts.  

You know your customer was just shopping for a barbeque and you know that he is intrigued enough by your smokin’ spice rub ad to visit your site mid-shopping.  You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to surmise that your visitor might be best served by a barbeque that accommodates his love for smoked meat!

So it’s alright that he visits your site for your $5 spice rub and your chatbot up-sells him the perfect barbeque for an additional $900!  Don’t feel guilty, you are serving your customers!

And it’s so easy to set up your chatbot to leverage this information.  Gobot’s trigger page allows you to control when Gobot appears.

One trigger is tied to the URL your visitor is visiting from. 

Simply paste the URL into the Gobot trigger page and Gobot will only appear for those customers who are visiting your smokin’ spice rub site, which originates from your ad on barbeque websites!

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