Grow your email list and sales by replacing popups with chatbots

Popups Vs. Chatbots For Lead Generation

At Gobot, we are wacky about website chatbots!  

Our recent private launch was met with an overwhelmingly positive response: website owners have been long awaiting a super easy-to-build website chatbot that engages visitors, helping to grow your email list and boost sales!   

Messaging has become the mode of communication.  

There is tremendous room for bot utilization and we expect quick uptake on websites.

The engagement possibilities are endless, and (sing it with me) what the World needs NOW is a blog that catalyzes this movement by exploring different web bot use cases.  

To date, web bots have not become mainstream.

Developers have been focused on developing bots for Facebook Messenger, many flaunting some form of artificial intelligence.  

The problem is that the intelligence has proven truly artificial:

Bad Chatbot Example

Simply put, no one wants to bother spending hours training his bots or risk exposing valuable customers to “sophisticated” bots that sometimes can’t even answer the most basic questions.

And it hasn’t helped that the few web bot builders that have been commercialized are just outright bad.  

They are difficult to navigate and, like their Messenger bot counterparts, require significant time and effort in bot training.

Gobot is changing this landscape, and we need your help to get the word out. Meanwhile on our end, we will blog until our fingers turn blue!

Introducing…Gobot’s new blog series of industry changing chatbot growth studies.

Below we provide a sneak peak into the first 12 parts of the blog series.  We hope you enjoy!

1. Grow your email list (way better than pop-ups)

Even though screen-blocking pop-ups are universally perceived negatively, website owners risk annoying their visitors for that incremental, fractional increase in their email conversions!

This will all change with the rise of chatbots.

With bots, website owners can have their cake and eat it too!

Gobot’s customizable bots can be used to effectively engage a website visitor, and thus, are much better at collecting email addresses than pop-ups or slide ins.

Gobot Chatbot That Collects Emails

2. Sell your Product and Services 

Gobot is ridiculously effective at boosting sales!  

Sales people can be amazingly effective because they know their products and their customers.  

Online shopping is super fast and efficient but, in some cases, is missing that personal touch… that proactive inquiry and suggestion that closes the deal.

Use Gobot to bridge that gap, and watch your sales soar!  

Gobot Chatbot Example - Discount Code

3. Gain Customer Insight 

One of the most powerful abilities a chatbot has is that it can gather insights about your customers.  

By monitoring your customers’ patterns, you can discover which products or services they prefer.  

You may even uncover some common issues your visitors encounter when using your site.

Prior to Gobot, there was no tool that allowed website owners to truly engage with a customer, so as to allow for data collection at just the right time and place.  

Poll tools have been getting prettier, but they are dumb – they just “poll” and in no way engage.  

Pop-ups are focused on gathering emails and contact information, and are just about as engaging as a fly landing on your sandwich (sorry about that, even those words make me want to swat at something)!

Gobot invites people to interact.

Gobot Chatbot Example - Collect Customer Feedback

4. Increase Engagement

If you can get your audience to engage with your brand, your audience will be far more likely to buy from you.

It is common to define engagement by specific actions, such as users clicking on a video, liking a post, or leaving a positive comment on a blog post.

With chatbots, however, engagement is more obvious.

Rather than just receiving comments or playing a video, a Gobot can actually converse with your customers.

And let’s not underestimate the power of engaging conversation!

Or in the case of Gobot, convo via messaging.

Gobot Chatbot Example - Increase Engagement

5. Personalize your Marketing

Providing your customers with a personalized experience is one of the best ways to inspire customer loyalty.

A website standing alone isn’t typically sufficient to make your brand personal.  

A chatbot, on the other hand, can provide a “human” touch for your brand.

I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, a chatbot more “human”?  

Yes, absolutely.

A chatbot can engage a customer on a personal level, and when addressing your customer, a chatbot can use the information previously gathered to advertise other products of probable interest.

Gobot Chatbot Example - Personalize Marketing

6. Qualify Your Leads

It can be challenging to qualify leads.

It’s not always easy to determine which prospects are a good fit for what you’re offering.  

No one wants to waste time trying to sell to someone who doesn’t need or want what he is selling.  

Chatbots can save you time by asking your customers the appropriate qualifying questions, which you can use to figure out what products are best suited for them.

After qualifying a prospect, Gobot can forward this information to your sales team for follow up, significantly increasing their productivity.

Gobot Chatbot Example - Qualify Leads

7. Polling and Sharing!

What do polls and share buttons have in common?

Not much, but they do suffer from similar problems: poor conversion and utilization!

Use Gobot’s engaging chatbot to poll your visitors and promote social sharing.

Gobot is a chatbot with many tricks up its stylish sleeve.

Gobot Chatbot Example - Polling & Sharing

8. Onboarding users!

An average product might see 90% refuse to sign up.

And for those that do sign up, over 90% of users disengage and become inactive over time.

Implement Gobot to facilitate onboarding by addressing questions that may arise at just the right time and place.

Gobot Chatbot Example - Onboarding Users

9. Both increasing and decreasing live chat numbers!

Live chat is excellent at addressing specific customer questions but it is not designed to proactively engage and market to customers.

This is where I am confident chatbots will have a huge role!

And I am not talking about a canned “Hello, can I help you?” message some of the more “forward looking” live chat companies are offering.

I am talking about a really engaging and useful dialogue proactively initiated by you and your Gobot at just the right time and place, with a controlled hand-off to live chat when necessary.

Gobot Chatbot Example - Work With Live Chat

10. Entertainment!

An entertained customer equals a repeat customer.  

Use Gobot to catch your customer’s eye and even make ‘em laugh out loud!

Then watch your traffic and conversions shoot up to the stars!

Gobot Chatbot Example - Entertainment

11. Facilitate a customer flow direction (like brick and mortar stores do!)

Business owners have been trying to predict and control customer flow direction from the beginning of time.  

Ikea tries to achieve this effect by literally guiding customers along an arrowed path through its enormous store, like cattle.  

Pretty effective, if you have a couple of hours to spare! Mooo!

The path weaves in and out of different rooms furnished with Ikea products, to whet the appetite of its grazing customers.  

In this upcoming blog entry, you’ll see how Gobot can achieve an even better effect without a couple hundred thousand square feet of showroom!   

Gobot Chatbot Example - Shopper Bot

12. Allow for a cleaner more effective website

When it comes to website layout design, the old saying “less is more” comes to mind.

Designing a website is a gvc delicate balancing act indeed.  

While the natural tendency is to offer as much information as possible, you do so at the risk of overwhelming and confusing your visitors.  

Use a Gobot chatbot to achieve this aesthetically pleasing effect, and make your A/B testing more effective.  

Gobot Chatbot Example - Collect Website Feedback

Exciting times :).

Want to get your own website chatbot?

Gobot automatically displays your interactive messages and opt-ins to select visitors at just the right moment.

It converts better than popups and integrates with live chat.

Get started below:

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